Introducing NYDesigns resident: bhold

Meet one of NYDesigns’ newer resident, bhold.


bhold designs smart, functional accessories that make your life easier. Their design and production processes rely on 3D printing technologies, which encourage faster and more responsive iterations. We (and women everywhere, as well as men who “tote”) love their bstrong utility hook, a nifty little thing that lets you have your own hook wherever you go, keeping your bag, coat, umbrella, or motorcycle helmet off the ground. This lightweight design will fit over almost any table or countertop, and its internal ribbing lets it hold 20 lbs with ease.


On May 10-11 and again on May 17-18bhold will be participating in WantedDesign through NYCxDESIGN week, New York City’s official citywide celebration of design with international designers exhibiting installations, pop-up stores, workshops, and more.

Beyond showcasing their designs and 3D printing process, they’ll be hosting the 3D studio space at The Factory Floor at Industry City, a workshop-oriented portion of WantedDesign. bhold has also been selected to be a part of American Design Club’s FIELD DAY show at the same venue.

The bhold team will be leading workshops in 3D modeling and techniques. If you’ve always wanted to get into designing your own 3D printed pieces, sign up for one of the workshops they’ll be teaching!


The NYDesigns team will be at Industry City as well from May 10-20 (noon-6pm everyday excepting Mondays and Wednesdays), sharing a booth with resident Surname.


Stop by to say hi to all of us!