Our Members: Meet the NYDesigns Community


Attentive.ai is developing medical documentation software to relieve MD’s from the burden of clinical paperwork and allow them to focus on their patients’ well-being.

Our AI-powerd Medical Scribe, HIPAA compliant, fully integrates with EMR systems to instantly collect all relevant data that comes up during the encounter, pull existing information from the EMR, and generate high-quality clinical records.


Bonbouton is a technology platform for preventative diabetic health care. Their first product, a smart insole with a proprietary embedded graphene sensing system, passively monitors the skin’s physiological signals in order to detect early signs of foot ulcers. This simplifies patient self-monitoring and reduces the frequency of doctor visits. Since its founding in 2015, Bonbouton has grown into a powerhouse team of innovative scientists, designers, and strategists who are all dedicated to solving the problem of diabetic foot ulcers.

Boston Biomotion

Boston Biomotion, a NYC-based sports and healthtech company is the maker of Proteus, the
world’s first-ever 3D resistance training system. Boston Biomotion’s hardware and software
platform serve as a virtual personal trainer and physical therapist, providing low strain/high
muscle activation strength training, and powerful first-ever human performance analytics. The
company is partnered with numerous professional athletes and teams across all sports and
world class medical institutions.

Bot Factory

Electronics are everywhere but innovation is slowed by long manufacturing lead times (2 weeks)
and costs ($500+). At BotFactory, we build desktop electronic circuit fabricators that print &
assemble circuit boards in a few hours for only $20. Reduce your development cycles and use a
whole new range of available materials (incl. flexible). Get to market first without compromising
your bottom line.

Fab Foundry

FabFoundry is a hardware startup community where investment, manufacturing resources and project management services are available, powered by excellence of Japanese expertise and disciplines maintained over decades.

Hoplite Power

Imagine having convenient, portable power that you can use to charge your devices from the comfort of your own seat. At Hoplite Power, we understand the importance of keeping you connected. Our on-demand smartphone “charge-sharing” network consists of Hoplite Hubs (vending kiosks), which store, dispense, and automatically recharge Hoplites (universal battery packs). Hoplites can be easily rented from and returned to any Hub in the network, making Hoplite Power an ideal charging solution for arenas, stadiums, and other entertainment venues. With Hoplite, you can effortlessly charge your phone whenever, wherever, so you never miss any of the action.


iTell.io is a digital-place based advertising exchange and SaaS remote management platform focused on the retail ATM industry. Our core product connects brands with targeted demographics and revives revenue streams for ATM operators.

Our unique advertising capabilities allow us to transform a traditional Automated Teller Machine into an interactive digital place-based advertising platform by way of the ATM screen as well as use of a digital touchscreen ATM topper.

Move 38

Move38 seeks to delight hands, challenge minds and inspire curiosity. We believe we learn best when at play, and that our play shapes who we are. A spinoff of the MIT Media Lab Playful Systems group, we believe it is our duty to build platforms that encourage new ways of thinking. Technology can be a source of good in our world especially when we empower people to shape it. Move38 is currently building a new kind of tabletop game, with components that think for themselves, talk to each other, and come alive under your fingertips. Being digital doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the social aspect of gameplay, bringing the best of digital to hands-on, face-to-face experiences.

Nadira Bag

NadiraBag designs high end hand-stitched leather goods using high quality of leather, and has
an eye of details on each item to guaranty it lasts for life. NadiraBag focuses on handmade and
unique products, as well as a customized product. Every bag is different; every bag is made
completely by hand and in the U.S- NYDesigns at NYC. Bags are made based on her design or
customers design.

Street Lab

Street Lab is a nonprofit that creates programs for public space across New York City—pop-up reading rooms, open-air drawing studios, and more. Our passion is bringing people together and transforming public space, and we do this in order to strengthen neighborhoods and improve the urban environment. We also send kits around the world so that other cities can do the same. We’re best known for our work in NYC since 2011 as the Uni Project—look for new programs launching in 2019.

Sun House

Sunhouse is building the future of music technology for creators through music artificial intelligence. Their first product Sensory Percussion represents a new frontier in electronic drumming where every subtlety of acoustic performance is captured and rendered as a powerful and flexible digital language. It allows drummers the ability to not only control electronic sounds like samples, synths, and effects, but it truly captures the art of drumming and opens up new possibilities for performance, composition and studio recording.