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Ed Abel, Business Strategist


Ed Abel, a resident business adviser at NYDesigns and an adjunct professor at NYU, is a successful serial entrepreneur who has grown 16 businesses in the past 30 years. His first business grew from a $5,000 loan to a $36 million operation with 585 employees seven years later.


Ed consults on such issues as:

  • Shifting your business mindset from the “daily doing” mode to one that’s about focused, strategic planning
  • Establishing a business plan that will functionally guide you through each phase of your business development
  • Establishing a quantifiable business matrix which will provide a measurement tool for progress
  • Creating an authentic and compelling message which will attract prospective customers
  • Properly developing and executing a sales strategy to convert prospects into paying customers
  • Creating, understanding and taking advantage of the business’ strengths and weaknesses to differentiate your brand
  • Effectively communicating to customers, employees, and vendors a congruent message