Are you a startup looking to work on your business model and prototype for a healthcare software or hardware product?

Welcome co-founders, CEOs, CTOS, engineers, UX/UI designers, product designers, biz dev managers, and marketers! RSVP now to join NYDesigns for a 2.5 day program on launching your healthcare related startup in 2019. Learn from healthcare IT experts, hardware manufacturers, payers, investors, and entrepreneurs on how to test your ideas and create prototypes.

Participants will have access to the NYDesigns FabLab to prototype their idea throughout the weekend. Participants with a working prototype or extremely lo-fi prototype are welcome to attend the innovation weekend.This is not a hackathon.

Teams must be existing to participate. New teams will not be formed during the weekend. You must be participating as a team of 2-4 people, the cost is $35.00 per person.

The program is open to up to 12 startups with 2-4 team members each. Once spots are full, there will be no more seats available. RSVP early. We look forward to supporting entrepreneurs on their journey to launching innovative healthcare IT and hardware products in 2019. 

This is not a hackathon. Teams must be existing to participate.