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Ivy Cohen, Marketing/Communications Consultant


Ivy Cohen has spent 20 years advising companies on how to build their reputations and differentiate themselves in competitive markets by providing a candid assessment of their branding strategy, recommending and executing effective programs based on business goals, and delivering successful results. While experienced in a variety of industries, she has had a significant practice in the areas of consumer products, health and wellness, technology, and international trade. Ivy holds a BA from University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Georgetown University.Ivy helps clients identify ways to utilize public relations to grow their business, review their company positioning or brand concepts, or discuss ideas and opportunities related to branding and PR. She consults on such issues as:

  • Is your business ready for PR?
  • How you can utilize PR to launch and grow your business
  • Creating a PR toolkit
  • What’s newsworthy about your business?
  • Press interviews
  • Brand positioning
  • Building your brand as you grow