This service is billed by the hour or half-hour

$125 / hour

  • 3 day lead time once the file and material have been finalized.
  • Material must be provided, but we can provide the material at an additional cost.
  • We can make laser-cutting files for an additional fee of $50/hour.


  • Rush $200/hour
  • Same Day $250/hour

File Preparation

Our preferred laser cutter file is a vector image (.ai .eps) – to scale (the exact size that needs to be cut) in RGB color mode.

R G B Color #HEX
Material Outline 0 0 255 #0000FF
Cut 255 0 0 #FF0000
Score 5 255 0 #05FF00
Etch 0 0 0 #000000

All cut and score lines must be the lowest width stroke possible with no fill – ex. a hairline stroke or .001 Etch areas must be filled in all black with no stroke

When preparing a file to be laser cut the material outline must be defined

Download This Sample Illustrator Template

Material Guide

The lens of our laser cutter is capable of cutting materials approaching .5″ – .75″. However, thicker materials such as these are far more difficult to cut and should be monitored closely.

Materials OK for Cutting Materials OK for Etching Materials Restricted from Cutting


Most Fabrics


Anodized AluminumCoated MetalAlumamarkGlass


Latex Rubber

MetalPVCPleatherMoleskine Covers

Polycarbonate (aka Lexan, Makrolon, Makroclear, etc.)




Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.