Latino Designers Study

In collaboration with Hostos Community College and with generous funding from the Small Business Administration (SBA), NYDesigns surveyed and interviewed over 70 Latino designers to gauge the state of design entrepreneurship within New York City’s rapidly expanding Latino community.

The New York metropolitan area’s Latino population numbered 2.16 million in the 2000 Census and is projected to rise close to approximately 4 million by 2020. The Latino population’s influence on the city’s economy has risen concurrently as has the diversification of their activities across all segments of the city’s industries.


NYC’s Latino designers identify themselves as graphic designers, web designers, fashion designers, industrial/product designers, interior designers, and architects. Their extensive professional experience, acculturation to the language and customs of American life, and commitment to their professional futures mark them as valuable contributors to the New York City’s economic and cultural health.


In 2009 and 2010, NYDesigns, in collaboration with Hostos Community College, conducted a survey of 70 New York-based Latino designers to better understand what impedes their business growth and how these conditions can be managed, circumvented, or transformed. 20 of these designers engaged in comprehensive follow-up interviews that sketched a clearer outline of the mutual circumstances propelling and restraining business and professional development among NYC’s community of Latino designers.


The study culminated in a policy report entitled Créate: Diseñadores de Nueva York, published in September 2010, that detailed the study’s key findings and offered recommendations for initiatives that would support the Latino design community. Download the full report here.


We have begun to implement our recommendations through engaging, community-driven programs. Our Conversaciones series is one of the initiatives that stemmed from this study.


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