Pro(s) Bono

Started in 2010, Pro(s) Bono provides opportunities for NYDesigns’ residents and community clients to receive complimentary counsel from recognized experts in practice areas integral to sustaining smart business growth.

The common ground our clients share is their NYC base and their need for dependable professional counsel. In many cases, they may possess the budget for professional services but are hesitant to begin a relationship with service providers for reasons of trust or unfamilarity with the process. They have turned to NYDesigns to guide them through the myriad challenges of starting up or growing a business.


The sessions are held in NYDesigns’ conference facilities in Long Island City and are scheduled every quarter for each consultant. Sessions usually run for 3-4 hours on a weekday. NYDesigns members have 30 minutes with each consultant. A 4-hour session is therefore broken up into 8 “mini” consultations.


Residents and community clients schedule 30-minute appointments on a first come, first served basis after receiving an invitation from NYDesigns. Each client will bring their own unique set of questions relating to their business and relevant to the consultant’s area of expertise. The 30-minute timeframe is strict. If clients need extra time or are in need of further assistance, they may arrange to meet the consultant again in the next quarter or retain the consultant at the rates established by the consultant – NYDesigns has no financial stake in the relationship.


To join our mailing list for this program, please email us at with “Pro(s) Bono” in the subject line.





Christine Abbott

Financial Planner


David Colby Esq.



Edward Abel

Business Strategist


Ivy Cohen

Marketing/Communications Consultant


Jorge Torres

Venture Capitalist

Rena Delevie

Operations Consultant

Steve Bukowski

Fabrication Consultant

Tim Skehan

Fabrication Consultant



Jim Burnham



Matthew Bishop

Crowdfunding Consultant