So much to love here —


NYDesigns has always been in Long Island City.


Since we first opened our doors in 2006, we have been located in one of Long Island City’s iconic buildings – the former manufacturing headquarters of Sunshine Biscuits and later, in the 80s, of the International Design Center of New York (IDCNY), a 10-acre, $150 million complex of furniture showrooms which seemed so promising when it opened in 1985 and was way ahead of its time in seeking more space in the outer boroughs that it became defunct.


Here’s what our building looked like in the Sunshine Biscuit days.


First two images courtesy of the Greater Astoria Historical Society




Here’s what our building looked like when IDCNY reigned (and identity and signage had the imprimatur of design great Massimo Vignelli):







Here’s what our building looks like now:



Wait…still the IDCNY sign? NYDesigns shares the building with a portion of LaGuardia Community College; E. Gluck, a watch manufacturer; and, soon, Hunter College School of Nursing, but the sign has steadfastly remained because it is prohibitively expensive to take down. It will happen eventually, and while a reasonable conclusion, we think the Queens skyline will be a bit less colorful without it.


We’re not the only iconic presence in Long Island City:





Unfortunately, Five Pointz, the global mecca for graffiti art (top row, first from the right) is no more as of late 2013, but it remains an essential part of Long Island City’s historical memory.

We have a LOT of arts and cultural institutions. Check out this map released by the Long Island City Cultural Alliance (LICCA) and visit their site to access their full interactive map.